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EDO NQ volunteers come from as far afield as the United States, as well as from the local environs of Cairns, where EDO NQ is headquartered. We welcome law volunteers from all over the world, with some students gaining course credits for projects undertaken during their placement with us. The foremost law school in Australia - the University of Melbourne's Faculty of Law - has approved EDO NQ as a Juris Doctor student internship training site.

As we are a law centre, our expectations of law volunteers are higher than for other disciplines. Law volunteers from Cairns usually give 2-3 days per week of their time. Those from other regions of Australia are expected to commit to a minimum full-time period of 6 weeks (preferably 8 weeks or longer). For those volunteering for 2 months or more, the potential exists for a 4-day working week arrangement, so that you have the opportunity to supplement your income. Longer volunteer deployment periods are recommended because of the complex nature of environmental law, and our desire to offer you a challenging (although manageable) project. Upon the successful completion of your project you will leave EDO NQ with an impressive finished product. The longer the time you volunteer, the more complex will be the task/s assigned to you.

Donald Spearritt - an undergraduate law volunteer from the University of Queensland

We accept volunteers at all times of the year. The popularity of EDO NQ as a site to volunteer/train may mean that we may not be able to accommodate you for the precise period which you were envisaging - but with a little adjustment on both sides - usually something can be worked out successfully! The summer vacation break is theprincipal bottleneck period. If you wish to undertake Practical Legal Training, the period March through November may offer an easier path to selection.

WhY VOLUNTEER with edo nq?

EDO NQ is a wonderful Community Legal Centre to undertake work experience, internship or Practical Legal Training.

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