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what is practical legal training?

To be admitted as a lawyer in Australia, you need to complete a Practical Legal Training (PLT) program with an accredited provider.

PLT is the most commonly chosen pathway to admission in Australia, although an alternative pathway to admission does exist in some states. PLT provides you with the skills, practical knowledge and understanding of values needed to practise as an entry level lawyer so that you can quickly make a contribution to your workplace.

Areas covered in PLT include:

• Lawyers’ Skills: drafting, advocacy, client interviewing, negotiation and dispute resolution
• Practical knowledge of practice areas: civil litigation, commercial and corporate and property as well as electives in other practice areas such as family, criminal and administrative law
• Work management and business skills
• Trust and office accounting skills
• Understanding of ethics and professional responsibility.

The national competencies required to successfully complete a PLT program have been developed by the Australasian Professional Legal Education Council and the Law Admissions Consultative Committee.

EDO NQ helped train a massive 37 environmental lawyers at undergraduate, postgraduate and PLT level in 2013

If your University or PLT Centre does not already have a formal relationship with EDO NQ, contact us now for: