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environmental legal advice

Independent and free/low cost legal advice from EDO NQ is available to any person or group seeking to use the law to protect the environment in the public interest.

A public interest matter is one that has some broader ‘public good’ component to it, or raises a matter of substantial public concern, beyond the material or financial interests of a particular individual or group.

If you would like legal advice from EDO NQ then please contact us. Advice may be provided over the phone, or through an appointment, by mail, email or Skype.

EDO NQ has advice guidelines to help determine the circumstances in which it can assist the public.


EDO NQ also has a casework program. Casework involves activities such as providing detailed written legal advice on your particular issue, and writing letters on your behalf. It some cases it may involve litigation.

EDO NQ has casework guidelines to help determine the circumstances in which it can assist the public.


Dunes and swamps, Cape York, Northern Queensland, Australia

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international case
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In the United States, the Sierra Club and others are fighting big coal to force coal distributors to cover train wagons so that waterways and communities are not impacted by harmful coal dust (this is also a major issue in Australia).

The EDO NQ team is undertaking research relating to this in anticipation of initiating similar court action in Australia, subject to appropriate adjustment for Australian law.

Click here to read the judgment of Senior Judge Lonny R Suko of the United States District Court, Eastern District of Washington.