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EDO NQ is the only independent Northern Queensland member of the Australian Network of EDOs (ANEDO), which actively works together to protect and conserve the national environment in the public interest.  ANEDO is heavily involved in national environmental law reform and legal policy review and development, especially given the increased priority that climate change law is demanding.

The EDO NQ is an independent incorporated association run by a Management Committee of dedicated volunteers. On this website you can also learn more about our dedicated staff and volunteers.

Since 1996, EDO NQ has provided assistance to those in the Northern Queensland community who are working to protect the environment. EDO NQ does this through providing legal advice and case work assistance, providing community legal education (through the Community Litigants Handbook, Factsheets, Alerts, Facebook and community legal education seminars and workshops) and engaging with all tiers of Australian government in law reform and legal policy review projects and consultations.

EDO NQ services the area from (and including) Sarina (south of Mackay) north to the Torres Strait and the border with Papua New Guinea, and across the breadth of Queensland (here is a map of our service area). This huge area is several times the size of Victoria and contains three World Heritage Areas; including the legendary Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics. The area is home to a vast range of ecosystems, including rainforest, reef, savannah, wetlands, woodlands and semi-arid areas.

If you have a public interest environmental law issue you need help with or would like to discuss but are outside EDO NQ’s service area, do not worry; just go to ANEDO’s website and find out how to contact the EDO which covers the area where you live.

Until December 2013, EDO NQ was supported by the Commonwealth Government.  In December 2013 the Federal Government ceased all funding for EDO NQ, without warning, after 18 years.

We now depend upon the generosity of individuals, businesses and philanthropic organisations who have an interest in environmental protection and access to social justice in order to continue to provide a free environmental law service for the community of Northern Queensland.

We encourage anyone interested in the work of EDO NQ to join us and become an Environmental Defender.  Our members gain a greater understanding of environmental laws while helping to influence and positively contribute to the future of Queensland's environment and environmental protection and conservation law.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a public interest environmental issue or wish to find out more about environmental and planning laws.

The Great Barrier Reef, Northern Queensland, Australia

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