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Fact Sheets

EDO NQ seeks to empower the community to participate in environmental decisions and to build capacity to use the law to protect the environment

We produce plain English educational materials in a range of formats, explaining environmental law and policy and how the community can have their say in environmental law and policy decision-making processes. All of our publications are available free to the community.

EDO NQ (servicing Northern Queensland from Sarina north (see this slideshow for the geography of EDO NQ)) and EDO QLD (servicing Southern Queensland south of Sarina) work cooperatively in the preparation of Fact Sheets and educational materials which have general application across all Queensland.

Please select the Fact Sheet that you are interested in and click on the pdf download.

EDO Qld has produced Fact Sheets on many more topics that are available on their website.


Clown Fish, Great Barrier Reef, Northern Queensland, Australia