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Deep Green - how does it work?

Deep Green is based on Adobe's Filemaker Pro 13 relational database.

EDO NQ has installed a dedicated server to provide access to shared environment and conservation movement data so that EDO NQ's own operations are not affected by demand.

External users have live access to Deep Green. That is, as soon as an item is added or altered on Deep Green, external users will see the altered data.

External users who have been given editing rights can add documents to Deep Green. As soon as a document is added, it becomes instantly searchable and available to all Deep Green users.

Deep Green is backed up regularly (at least every day), so there is very little chance that data entered onto Deep Green may be lost.

External users of Deep Green will need a reasonable internet speed in order to access the database. If you use a 56K modem, you will not be able to access Deep Green. You will need to find/ borrow/ commandeer access to a standard ISP service.


Deep Green thumbnail view.

Deep Green detail view (upper portion).

Deep Green detail view (lower portion).