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Independent and free/low cost legal advice from EDO NQ is available to any person or group seeking to use the law to protect the environment in the public interest.

A public interest case is one that has significance beyond the material or financial interests of a particular individual or group, and that which has some broader ‘public good’ or ‘public interest’ component to it, or raises a matter of substantial public concern.


Coal mining operations

For example, a pollution case that is causing harm to an area that is the habitat for an endangered animal clearly involves public interest issues.

Conversely, development issues that relate to loss of residential amenity and devaluations of property to neighbours would not be considered as public interest issues.  

Clients seeking legal advice OR legal representation to conduct court work will be asked to complete this Legal Assistance Intake Form.

Legal Advice

If you would like legal advice from EDO NQ then please contact us. EDO NQ can provide legal advice:


The decision as to whether such assistance can be provided is made by the EDO NQ Casework Subcommittee.  EDO NQ has developed Casework Guidelines which outline matters which are taken into account when considering requests for ongoing legal assistance (e.g. casework and litigation representation).

Please feel free to contact us if you have a public interest environmental issue or wish to find out more about environmental and planning laws.

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